Thursday, January 12, 2006


Yesterday, I made a bastardized version of this dish (Pelau) from the blog chookooloonks. Don't ask me how to pronounce it (the blog name or the dish) because I really have no idea. Also, I am pretty sure anyone looking for authenticity or even for me to use all of the ingredients listed would be sorely disappointed because really what I did (with help from Michael) is to hustle up some of the ingredients from our cabinets to try to find a dish to use up the huge amount of rice Michael made for burritos earlier in the week. He made a huge tupperware container full and is telling me it was only 2 cups dry but that is a lot of rice (even for me and I really like rice). I think I bought coconut milk when I read the recipe about a month ago because the recipe sounded so tasty. It was a good quicky version with boneless/skinless chicken breast and precooked rice. (maybe it was like the Rachel Ray 30 minute version but actually it probably was faster than 30 minutes). Next time I will make it spicier I think, and use the real ingredients like whole pieces of chicken and uncooked rice.
Today my supervisor came to observe me at school for the last time in this placement. She is a total space cadet and my mentor teacher and the SLP (speech language pathologist) can attest to this as she turned the conversation from the possibility of my moving to L.A. to the traffic in Atlanta after the Olympics (say what?).
Now that that is done I am feeling pretty open, especially because I don't have to "work" until Saturday. ("work" being all that which is not teaching, taking classes or going to classes, so anything where people actually pay me for a service instead of me paying them.)
After school I went grocery shopping and all sorts of lovely items like Wine, and sushi, and a beautiful French loaf of my favorite Shadeau bakery bread. yum.
Relaxation with Michael+minor trauma
I felt good thinking about my relaxing evening, my unusually full bank account (thanks federal student loan people), and then Michael came home. We ate sushi, and I made him a steak to go with it because he is a manly man (ha). Then I read blogs while he napped (under my halfhearted coercion, no one should have to work two jobs without a brief nap, and it is easy to get someone to fall asleep with food and exhaustion) on the futon. When he woke up from his nap he scurried (Doesn't the word scurried make you picture rats, what is the comparable word for human busy, organized moving around?) to get ready for work, walking back to the office, gathering stuff, putting on shoes, into the kitchen to fill his water bottle with caffeinated tea to get through the evening, and back out into the living room...CRUNCH! right onto his glasses, shattering the left lense and mangling the frame. The glasses now look like the kids glasses from the Christmas Story (or for the more literary minded like this).
Excusing my ranting post
What is the point you ask? Why am I reading this long ridiculous post? Because you are a voyeur and you love to glimpse into someone else's life. Especially when it makes you feel better about your life (yes the one with TiVo, cable, real couches, paycheck(s) and lasik eye surgery etc.)
but really the point was I am relaxing tonight (and only sort of doing school work)
So tonight is entirely dedicated to sitting on the futon, watching (network) TV and absorbing my class readings in through my lap because really I know it will be all TV and a little wine.
And really I can wait until tomorrow or Saturday to think about going with Michael to get new glasses. (luckily he is not as blind as me and can get along okay without glasses for a day or two, if I hadn't accidentally deleted my blog, I have a feeling I may be able to back link here a post about my broken glasses this fall, but maybe not. I have been pretty slack about this updating thing.)

p.s. Why does blogger spell check not know the word Blog but does know that the brand TiVo is capital T little i capital V little o? creepy.


Blogger caitlin said...

oh nancy

i loved this one :)

10:11 AM  
Blogger Granny said...

I've never figured out how to use Blogger spell check.

Biscuits are on my blog. My mom's recipe. Mine is guesswork and hers is accurate. They're both good.

2:15 PM  

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